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As an actor who has worked in casting I understand the importance of a good headshot. A great headshot won’t give you your big break, but it will give you the opportunity to audition for it. Junenoire and Nadia understand how critical it is to have a picture that reflects who you are as an actor and will work with you to maximize the potential of your photo-shoot. Creating a relaxing, professional and fun environment, they helped me get a headshot that according casting director Maria Nelson “would make me stop in my tracks when looking at 100 submissions”. I couldn’t have asked for more than that. What a pleasure working with Studio 7!

– Paulina Plazas (Actor) (See Photo)

My experience was enjoyable and comfortable. Studio 7 took the time to get to know me and made me feel like one of their friends in front of the camera! I almost forgot I was taking photos!

– Christopher Gales (Actor) (See Photo)

Fun and friendly, these girls are great. I’ll be sure to recommend them to the cast and crewmembers of my company. Nadia and Junenoire are working on expanding Studio 7 and with this level of professionalism and their personal touch, I believe they will do it!

– Caliph Lamar Scott (Director @ Murder Mystery Company) (See Photo)

Junenoire and Nadia were the best! I felt so comfortable and got the UNIQUE shots I needed fast! Let these multi-talented ladies help you! The photos were all so great, I had trouble choosing my favorites.

Danielle Carroll (Actor) (See Photo)

I went to Studio 7 for some headshots. I am very looks-unconscious, and have never had a formal head shot session before, so I was dreading all the posing, primping and preening. I was really surprised to find that it was not at all what I expected. Before shooting, Nadia took a few minutes to make me look better than I ever have. And the shoot was such fun! I did not feel like I was doing weird poses at all. It felt like a fun hangout where we laughed, joked and had a good time. Imagine my surprise after that when like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, Junenoire produced shot after shot of amazing photos of me. They did not look staged or forced, but rather fun and natural. The shots are great for business as well as for all my social media accounts. Thanks, Studio 7 for a great morning, and photos that that I can use for years to come! LOVE you guys!

– Simone Blum (Online Business Manager) (See Photo)
Marathon Promo Headshot Event

Amazing place to get your headshots or any photo shoots done. I had a wonderful experience, and impressed by not only the professionalism and cooperation of Junenoire and Nadia but the down to earth personality’s they both have. I highly recommend them, you will love working with them, they have great feedback and also value your opinion. I can’t thank you enough for the guidance and the help you gave me throughout the shoot. I don’t I’ve ever felt more comfortable or beautiful in front of a camera and for that I can only express my deepest gratitude. I hope to work with you again sometime after the holidays, and you will definitely be where I turn when I need to update my headshots.

Charlotte Cassidy (Actor/ Comedian) (See Photo)

As the parents of a kid who hates having his picture taken, you can imagine how nervous we were bringing our son to Studio 7. When Nadia and Junenoire greeted our son at the studio and started taking photos, you couldn’t imagine our surprise when EVERY picture turned out perfect! We had so many choices, it was amazing. Our son loved all of them! We cannot wait until the next shoot! Thanks ladies, you are amazing.

Daniel, Jaye & Charlie Wright (Wright Talent Management) (See photo)

I have very high standards that I hold myself to, but also anyone that I work with. I expect nothing less than the best combined with a high degree of integrity and I can say in all honesty, Studio 7 brings BOTH! This is my 4th photo-shoot with Studio 7 and the reason I rely on them repeatedly is bcause I know that they will surpass my expectations and standards. When they work their magic, results are outstanding!

Alejandro Reyes (Celebrity Fitness Coach and  Holistic Lifestyle Coach) (See Photo)

The professional service, talent, and quality of Studio 7 was only matched by the comfortable atmosphere and personal attention I received during the shoot to ensure my best work and my fabulous new head shots. My auditions and bookings have increased dramatically and I could not be more grateful. Thanks!

Drew Jordan (Actor) (See Photo)

My experience with Studio 7 was awesome! The ladies were great, made me feel confident and comfortable. My pictures came out amazing. I’ll definitely be back at Studio 7!

Merjani Garcia (Actor) (See Photo)

I have shot with Studio 7 before so I felt confident. The space was relaxed and I enjoyed getting my choice of music. I had my hair and make-up touched up by Nadia and she did a great job! Thank you ladies.

Wendy Harris (Holistic Health Educator) (See Photo)

It was super fun! I loved loved the experience and felt so free and at home!

Victoria Bulgakova (Designer at Vika B. Studio, Inc) (See Photo)

The shoot was FANTASTIC! They made me feel at home. Best headshot session I’ve ever had.

Daniel Pettrow (Actor/ Director) (See Photo)

I had so much fun. They make the process simple and easy. I will do it again. All photo-shoots should be this great!

Denise DePass (Actor) (See Photo)

Pleasure working with both of the women. Nadia took extra special attention to all details to make sure I looked just right. Great energy from the photographer, Junenoire. She put me in ease from the moment I stepped out in front of the camera until the end. I HIGHLY recommend Studio 7 to anyone!

Lianne Coleman (Actor) (See Photo)
Marathon Promo Headshot Event 

Great concept and idea! Very well organized and lots done in 1 hour! Very professional and good surprises (hair blowers, make up, wardrobe advice). Thank you so much!

Inna Beynishes (Actor) (See Photo)
Marathon Promo Headshot Event 

Junenoire and Nadia both made me feel so very comfortable for my first ever, professional photo shoot. I had so much fun while feeling sassy and sexy! I would highly recommend them to anyone! I LOVE my pictures…..WOW they are so very beautiful! You ladies did such an amazing job! Thank you for providing me with such an amazing experience!

Lisa Mitchell (Life Coach) (See Photo)
Marathon Promo Headshot Event 

Very chill and pleasant. Easy, breezy and good.

Renee’ Flemings (Actor) (See Photo)
Marathon Promo Headshot Event 

Great experience! Ladies worked well together. The shoot was quick, easy and with great direction. Money very well spent.

Donald Rey (Actor) (See Photo)
Marathon Promo Headshot Event 

You guys were fantastic and accommodated me in ways that went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much.

Ashley Marinelli (Dancer, Choreographer) (See Photo)
Marathon Promo Headshot Event 

I recently had the fortunate opportunity to work with Studio 7. I shot magazine and textbook stock photos professionally and worked as a model and hand model so I’m very familiar with quality work. The photos Studio 7 shot were precise and revealing. Junenoire and Nadia were professional and fun to work with. It is a blessing when the proper combination of varied attributes come together as one.

Batt Johnson (Dancer/ Instructor) (See Photo)

Thanks Nadia & Junenoire! I had a great time working with you both. You’re professional, fun to work with and I had a great time! I will definitely be telling my friends about you 🙂

Glykeria Manis (Dancer) (See Photo)

I had my industry showcase last Monday. One industry person called me in just off of my headshot (she came in late and missed my scene) BAM!!! THANKS!!!!

Farrah Crane (Actor) (See Photo)

I have worked with Junenoire and Nadia from Studio 7 on several occasions and found them to be phenomenal! They created a CD album cover for my single; Lead and I Will Follow and a very, very creative author picture for my children’s book called CalcaLand, The Odd Twins get Even! To add originality, they placed caricatures from the book on my hand and shoulder. That was received with very high reviews and the children loved it! I am very satisfied with the quality of their work. Studio 7 provides a very professional, creative and timely service. The main reason I love their photography is that they make me feel so comfortable in front of the camera, bring out the best in me and are committed to satisfying their customers.
Thank you for all the incredible work you do.

Kally Bougadis (Author) (See Photo)

Studio7-NYC photographed our non-profit’s Mardi Gras event on June 2. They were wonderful! In addition to capturing the images we requested, they took the time to take a large variety of creative shots. The guests and my coworkers expressed their sincere appreciation for the quality of the photos – what a way to remember the night! Aside from their talent, Junenoire and Nadia were everything you could ask for in a vendor – friendly, accommodating, hardworking, and quick to respond to my questions. I highly recommend you trust them with your photography needs.

Molly Klayman
  Special Events Coordinator
  The Family Resource Network
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