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Studio 7 NYC Updates, Fun and News…

June 25, 2013


Wedding season is upon us! Here are just a few snaps of the beautiful couples we have worked with so far this year:

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Video by Luis Cerritos

Photographer: Junenoire Mitchell

Makeup & Hair: Nadia Saburov


Our retouching that is INCLUDED with every package, will take a great photo to

an AMAZING, POLISHED IMAGE, you will be proud to show off!


What is a Shoot with Studio 7 NYC like?

OMG!!! Our video is ready! Want to see what goes on behind the scenes when shooting with S7? Then please check out our video! We had a videographer, Luis Cerritos follow us around at a few of our shoots, to capture what our photo sessions are really like. So many people call or email to ask what are shoots are like and what makes us different! We’ve always found it kind of hard to explain in an email or over the phone. Our shoots are just fun, expressive and all-inclusive! See what we mean on our website! You get everything you need to get unsurpassed photography! Check out our website to see our video, we hope you love it as much as we do!

.Studio 7 Video




One of the fun things we did this year May 15 thru May 19th, was be apart of the LIC Arts Open festival. If you haven’t been, it’s a week long arts festival bringing together the MANY artist that are in Long Island City, NY.  From Painters, photographers, sculpter to theater, dance and music etc.  Nadia and I were able to show off OUR artwork we have made over the last year or so.

LIC ARTS OPEN 2013 Long Island City Arts Festival, Studio7NYC photo exhibition


Junenoire was hired to be the offical photographer of the LIC Arts Open this year. Here is a slideshow of  some of the highlights from the festival.



Before and After…

Actors! Models! Or just about anyone doing a photo shoot these day… RETOUCHING aka Photoshop! I’m sure you have heard how important retouching is. That is why Nadia and I make sure every single one of our clients walks away with at leaste one retouched photo from our photo sessions.  Having a retouched photo can make all the difference and basically show people you care! Now, I’m not saying you need to retouch every pore on your face. Actually People SHOULD see the pores of you skin. What should be retouched are the little distractions like under eye circles, blemish/break outs and stray hairs that decided to not cooperate the day of your shoot, these things shouldn’t distract people seeing a great genuine photo of you. Remember a headshot of an Actor to a entrepreneur needs to look like YOU on a really great day. Nadia is an awesome retoucher and has years of experience. Here are a few examples of what I mean. Before are really good photos. After retouching makes them jump-off-the-page professional. For more information about Studio 7 NYC retouching check out our website page Before and Afters.

Studio 7 NYC Headshots




Yup! That’s Right! Studio 7 is teaching a FREE Seminar at Actor’s Connection on Feb 7th!

For all of those of you out there that just don’t know which photographer to pick this is a great place to get STARTED! We are teaching a free seminar so you TRY before you BUY 😉 Junenoire is planning to use volunteers from the audience to take photos during the shoot.  You might just walk away with a NEW and improved headshot at the seminar or you could win a free headshot session with us! . .

New Year, New You Promo!

A couple of times a year we do photo promotions. This is a way to meet a ton of new people and help out lots of actors either, just started, get back in or update a new look. Jan 19th and 20th we photographed 15 actors in 2 days in Brooklyn AND Manhattan! Nadia retouched 42+ headshots! Whew! But we had a ton of fun! We even had a film crew that will be making a behind the scene’s video. What it’s like to be at an S7 photo shoot! Check out our Facebook page for more photos.

Jan behind scenes

. .

Happy New Year!

Every once in awhile Nadia and I get in front of the camera. This year we wanted to do an old Hollywood style glam photo to kick off the new year! S7 NYE post card In this shot Junenoire photographed the background and each of them separately. Then Nadia layered the different colored garlands for the background, retouched all the elements and assembled. And Voila! Title: Vintage Glam Photography: Junenoire Mitchell Retouching: Nadia Saburov Makeup: Nadia Saburov Art Direction/ Styling: Nadia Saburov . .

Tips to look timeless for your headshots, no matter the season!

It is fall and Thanksgiving is almost here! That is when everyone tends to forget about style and focus on COMFORT! Well…. we want you to have an amazing holiday (wearing oh so comfy sweatpants and bulky sweaters), but when dressing for a headshot… you need to follow a few rules.

We want you to enjoy your photographs for a very long time, which is why we set up few simple rules for when picking photoshoot clothing. Remember, you will be posting these pictures all over social media sites (facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc) as well as your personal website and blog. Your image/look must reflect your style while staying timeless and season-proof (no photos in a parka or a swimsuit for your headshot).

Here are just a few tips that work EVERY TIME:

1. Keep colors bright and basic.

Stay away from busy patterns and overly designed fabrics. They can date you in an instant.


Think emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, etc. All of these colors work best for headshots, no matter skin or eye color.

3. Basic shapes are a staple for a good reason, they are timeless.

Bring with you a V-Neck or crew cut T-shirt, tank-top, shirt with long sleeves and a button down shirt with a collar.

4. Other than jewel tones, have basic colors on hand.

Make sure to bring a few variations of tops in black, white and nude.

5. Get multiple looks out of the same clothing.

As an extra, bring a jacket or a cardigan in basic color. That way you can easily change up your look just by layering. By following those simple rules, you will always look great and be prepared for your photoshoot. As always, don’t forget to rest up the night before!



From the true New York beauty to a sterling Russian!

Our past couple shoots were just too much fun! Keep checking our FACEBOOK page and TUMBLR for more photos. One was an aspiring model with a promising future. Denis has the talent, looks (not to mention his icy blues… sorry ladies, he’s taken 🙂 and a great attitude that is absolutely necessary in the modeling industry! Another model was a lady after our own hearts, a young entrepreneur. Lisa was not afraid to drop her corporate job to be her own boss! She is starting a shopping business for male clothing (Savile Row Society). We will be posting more and more picks within days but here is just a little taste.



Photo Plus Expo 2012!

We got a chance to check out the Photo Expo this year, here is just a bit of information and for more you can go to . “The PDN PhotoPlus Conference + Expo is the largest photography and imaging show in North America, attended by over 24,000 professional photographers and enthusiasts. This year the show will be held Oct. 24-27 at the Javits Center in New York City. Don’t miss your chance to explore over 250 exhibits, see thousands of new products, attend conference seminars, keynote presentations, special events & much more…”



SO EXCITING! Our NEW Manhattan Location Promo!

Our 1st couple of shoots in our Manhattan location. Here are just a few sample behind the scenes photos. For more CLICK HERE and final retouched photos are coming soon.

; ;


Coming back to NYC, we already miss the weather, beaches but mostly INCREDIBLE VEWS of the nearby gem of a country, Mexico! Here are just a few shots to share with you from our trip. For more, go to our FaceBook and follow us on Twitter 🙂

. .


We could only wish we were lucky enough o witness this in person. But just as the rest of a BILLION people watching the opening ceremony in London, we are mesmerized non the less! Just watch this short story of Mary Poppins saving kids from nightmarish creatures! This is just one of a myriad of incredible acts, light displays and performances in this years opening ceremony. So no matter what team you are on or what country you are from, the WORLD UNITES TODAY for this AWESOME display of talent and greatness as a preview of what is to come in the next few days!




We have updated our website !!! Now it loads FASTER, easier to navigate and has MORE photos just for you!!! CHECK IT OUT and let us know what you think! <3<3<3

Here’s a preview:    🙂



Our clients love us so much they invite us to the parties!

Last month invite us to Iman Shumpert from the NY Knicks, birthday party!  With sponsoring great champaign Billionaires Row, we couldn’t say no! Lots of corks popping and and fizzy splashes at The DL on the NYC lower east side, was a great summer party! Check out more photos on our facebook page CLICK HERE!

Iman Shumpert birthday Party



Behind the Scenes with S7…..

So… As the summer rolls in, we are playing catch-up! Any excuse to sit in front of the AC while waiting out these super hot/muggy NYC days. 😉 Here is some Behind the scene’s of our last few photo shoots. Nadia wears a lot hats at Studio 7 Photo-shoot Creative Director, Makeup Arts and Stylist! Here she is helping in front of the camera, making sure our client’s hair and clothes look perfect!

S7 behind the scenes





For anyone who still needs a bit more love after this Valentines – Day, visit Times Square and check out the new installation ♥♥♥  WE . ABSOLUTELY . LOVE .



Landmark Education, Wisdom Course Event!

We had the pleasure of doing a photo-booth with the wonderful people of Landmark Ed (Wisdom Course, class of 2011)! We want to thank everyone for such a fun event. For more photos please CLICK HERE!




LOUIS ROMANO, Author Photo! “An Albanian’s word of honor, their BESA, is the pride that has made their clans fearless fighters for centuries. In the streets of the Bronx, New York their code has made the “sons of the eagle” a powerhouse in the community over the last forty years. When one of their own is killed the Albanians will stop at nothing in their quest for vengeance…. …Enter Gino Ranno, uncle to the accused killer and connected to a New York mafia family. With no choice but to enter the fray, it is up to him to expose the truth and defend the honor of his own family before more blood is spilled.”

INTRIGUED?…. Of-course you are…CLICK HERE to read more


SOOO EXCITING! We are running 2 follow up promotions to our latest Marathon Headshot Promo!

Our last Promo Event went so well AND we had so many responses..We absolutely HAD to create another opportunity for you to take advantage of this AMAZING deal! Do not wait, BOOK NOW! And go to our testimonial page to see what people said about us and the event!

$60 Headshot Promo Event, November 17th and December 3rd- CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!


Jessica Jennings, 1 of Our Latest Models,

Directing 2 Shakespearean Plays!

Jessica Jennings has played 18 Shakespearean leads including Ophelia (Hamlet)- Jean Dalrymple Award for Best Actress, 2005. Received  BFA in Dance from University of the Arts, and co-founded Elojes Dance Theatre.  Jessica was a dancer and off-camera dance coach for M. Night Shymalan’s The Village.

To read more, please CLICK HERE!!!

Allure Lounge, Fashion Day Out!

Photographed by our very own, Junenoire Mitchell, shooting at Allure Lounge (Empire Hotel- 44 West 63rd St. Btw Broadway and Columbus) Come have your make up done and your photo taken for Fashion Night Out!


Due to the extended summer weather we decided to extend our Summer Deals!!!

You get to take advantage of the discounts up through September 30’th. To contact us asap CLICK HERE!


Children’s Museum of the Arts

The CMA Young Professionals, the junior committee of the Children’s Museum of the Arts, is an enthusiastic group of young professionals committed to volunteering their time, talents, and energy to raise crucial funds for CMA’s Stripes Program, a family-focused community-building arts program for families with children on the Autism Spectrum. The committee hosts an annual summer fundraiser for the Stripes Program and our great photographer captured the nights high-lights!




For more information, please contact Lori Feren, CMA’s Manager of Individual Giving, at and visit .

Studio 7 just went MOBILE!!!!

Now you can check us out on your smart phone! Where are we?- wherever YOU ARE! How convenient!

Here’s our MOBILE link:



1 and only opportunity to get fantastic photos for the best price possible!




>> >>

 Creative Author Photos

I have worked with Junenoire and Nadia from Studio 7 on several occasions and found them to be phenomenal!

They created a CD album cover for my single; Lead and I Will Follow and a very, very creative author picture for my childrens book called CalcaLand, The Odd Twins get Even! To add originality, they placed caricatures from the book on my hand and shoulder. That was received with very high reviews and the children loved it! I am very satisfied with the quality of their work. Studio 7 provides a very professional, creative and timely service. The main reason I love their photography is that they make me feel so comfortable in front of the camera, bring out the best in me and are committed to satisfying their customers.

Thank you for all the incredible work you do,

– Kally Bougadis

Short Stacks Fashion Show

We have photographed a wonderful event empowering young women, Shortstack’s 5th Annual Charity Fashion Show on June 17th, 2011 at The Midtown Loft & Terrace, NY!  Please take a look at some of the great moments captured that evening by going to the link ABOVE!

Shortstack™ is a teen driven fashion and modeling program. Its goal is to allow young girls who do not fit the “normal” model standards to be a part of charitable fashion events. Shortstack was created to give these “short” girls a chance at achieving their dreams as models and empower them to love themselves for who they are.”

. .

The Family Resource Network

Recently we joined a Benefit/Fundraiser for The Family Resource Network of NJ to celebrate people donating to this wonderful organization. The Family Resource Network (FRN) is dedicated to offering individuals and their families with continuing needs the greatest opportunities, resources and services to support a full and happy life. Please take a look at some of the great moments captured that evening by going to the link ABOVE!

Studio7-NYC photographed our non-profit’s Mardi Gras event on June 2. They were wonderful! In addition to capturing the images we requested, they took the time to take a large variety of creative shots. The guests and my coworkers expressed their sincere appreciation for the quality of the photos – what a way to remember the night! Aside from their talent, Junenoire and Nadia were everything you could ask for in a vendor – friendly, accommodating, hardworking, and quick to respond to my questions. I highly recommend you trust them with your photography needs.

– Molly Klayman

  Special Events Coordinator

  The Family Resource Network

…. ….

Check out samples of our DANCE!,  FAMILY PHOTOS 1, FAMILY PHOTOS 2 and WEDDINGS!  

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